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We Are So Grateful!

Thank you so much to the Toporowski, Clark & Romans Financial Group for your generosity in donating all of our fly masks for all of our horses!! We loved visiting with you today!

Did you know people aren't the only one wearing masks right now?
When the New Kingdom Trailriders recently reached out to the public expressing a need for 'fly masks' to protect the fourteen horses in their program, we were excited for the opportunity to help by outfitting each horse with a new mask. These fly masks protect the horses by preventing the irritations, diseases and allergic reactions these parasites impose.
New Kingdom Trailriders is the only PATH accredited therapeutic horseback riding program located in the Quad Cities. Its mission: "To empower individuals of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential through equine assisted activities."
Many of the riders who participate in the program struggle with some form of mental illness while 32% of their riders are on the Autism spectrum. Today we were given a tour of their facility and learned more about the program, the horses and the members of our community they empower.
New Kingdom Trailriders is a wonderful organization that relies on donations from the community to keep its program operating. You can read more about their mission at:

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