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Your donation assists us with our mission that directly supports children and adults in need. 


New Kingdom Trailriders would not be here without the generosity of generations of donors, which means the future of our program rests on your shoulders. From small denominations to big dollars, every gift matters, and your participation sends a message that you understand, are grateful for, and want to be part of the continuum.


Your donation assists us with our mission that directly supports children and adults in need.  Pick one – or several – as you invest in the mental health and wellness of our riders and our community.


Giving to New Kingdom Trailriders is easy and seamless. Click here to donate now, or choose the option that works best for you.

New Kingom Trailriders is a 501(c)3 public charity registered as New Kingdom Trailriders with a federal tax ID (EIN) of 36-3344113. New Kingdom Trailrider's fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. For a copy of your gift receipt, please contact the, or at 309-764-4220.



Giving to New Kingdom Trailriders is easy and seamless. Click here to donate now.



All checks should be made payable to New Kingdom Trailriders and mailed to the following address. Any gift restrictions can be noted in the check's memo line or via an accompanying note.

New Kingdom Trailriders

18929 81st Street

Sherrard, Illinois 61281

A woman in a wheelchair touching her forehead into the forehead of a horse.


Call in your credit card gift to 309-764-4220.

A photo of an adult male riding a horse with two other riders in the background.


Outright gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares) can provide you with tax advantages. Use our Stock Transfer Form to prepare the information for your broker and access transfer instructions.


For additional assistance, please click here

A young boy riding a horse with his left hand touching his helmet.


If you are at age 70½ or older and are the owner of an IRA, you can make tax-free IRA contributions directly to NKT.  For more information please see our gift planning site. Make sure that you contact our staff when you direct the rollover so we can look for the check from your IRA administrator at



Info coming soon!

A man riding a horse outside being guided by a man.


Gifts of tangible personal property, such as art, books, musical instruments and other items that would help advance NKT’s mission can be eligible for a tax deductible donation. Learn more about gifts of personal property or contact us directly at or at 309-764-4220.

An adult man riding a horse outside.


Each charity administering donor-advised funds has its own grant recommendation procedures. It may be helpful to know that New Kingdom Trailriders is legally registered with the IRS as New Kingdom Trailriders with a tax ID (EIN) of 36-3344113.

A boy riding a horse outside with a woman guiding the horse.


Gifts of residences, including vacation homes and farms, allow the donor to take a tax deduction, avoid capital gains taxes, retain lifetime occupancy for herself or himself and/or another person—and provide support for New Kingdom Trailriders. Learn more about gifting real estate or contact us directly at or at 309-764-4220.

A woman on a horse outside.


Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, check with your human resources department.

Giving Opportunities
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