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Dr. Ashley Named 2020 National Veterinarian of the Year!

Each year, PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, of which New Kingdom Trailriders is a Premiere Accredited Facility) asks the nearly 800 accredited facilities nationwide, to nominate exceptional contributions to the field of Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies. Out of those nearly 800 PATH International accredited centers, ONE person is selected for the National award of Veterinarian of Year. This fall New Kingdom Trailriders nominated Dr. Ashley Wegmann of the DeWitt Veterinary Clinic for the Region 7 Veterinarian of the Year award. In February she WON that award, making her eligible for the National award.

New Kingdom Trailriders is EXTREMELY excited to announce that Dr. Ashley Wegmann has been awarded the PATH International, NATIONAL VETERINARIAN OF THE YEAR FOR 2020!

Dr. Ashley contributes to humanity through the professional care of the equine partners in equine assisted activities at our facility in many ways. She volunteers 100% of the time that she spends working with our center and is always available with knowledgeable information when questions arise. Dr. Ashley has been an outstanding advocate for our center and has been able to develop relationships with different organizations to get a variety of shots and medications donated to keep cost to us at a minimum. At times our horses have been prescribed medications that were not donated but she works tirelessly to find adequate medication at the most affordable price.

Her willingness to educate the staff and volunteers at our center is another one of her greatest assets. When performing dental care on our herd, Dr. Ashley took time to explain step by step what she was doing, and why she was doing it to the individuals observing her work. She never hesitates to answer questions or explain why she chooses to use a particular method. Dr. Ashley treats each of the horses as if they were her own and provides helpful guidance on further care when needed. We are very fortunate to have her and her expertise to help us care for our most valuable team members...our herd.

She goes above and beyond when providing care at New Kingdom Trailriders. This fall, one of our horses came in from the pasture with a puncture wound. We were able to facetime with Dr. Ashley and she walked the staff through cleaning out the wound and infection protection.

Dr. Ashley Wegmann has a kind and very caring soul and to say we at New Kingdom Trailriders are grateful to have her as part of our ‘team’ would be an understatement.

We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ashley Wegmann and her outstanding services!!

Please feel free to contact her for ANY of your Veterinary needs at 563-659-5231. *Small or large animal*

Congratulations Dr. Ashley, and thank you for all you do for us at New Kingdom Trailriders!

Help us celebrate Dr. Ashley’s award by making a donation towards our program!

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