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A photo of a barn at sunset.


Help empower individuals of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential through equine assisted activities.


Join Us on Our Journey of Acceptance, Encouragement, and Empowerment

New Kingdom Trailriders, the Quad Cities' premiere therapeutic horseback riding facility utilizes the magic of horses to enrich the lives of those who struggle physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Riders of all ages partner with our horses and together embark on a journey to build courage, trust, strength, and purpose.


We strive to become the leading standard uniting people with horses through acceptance and encouragement. Establishing area partnerships including Arrowhead Youth and Family Services, Camelot Therapeutic Day School, Top of the World Ranch, Argrow’s House, and the ARC of the Quad Cities we are able to expand our mission in order to bring physical and mental wellness to our community’s citizens.


We Relay on Donations from Donors Like You to Continue Our Dream

Knowing the benefits our program offers and the high cost of medical care, we do all we can to ensure our program is economically affordable for those who struggle physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. As a supporter of New Kingdom Trailriders, your donation will help us continue to ensure our program is obtainable to those in need.

Each time a rider sits in the saddle for a lesson, it costs New Kingdom Trailriders $65.37. This cost includes all horse care, training, maintenance, and day-to-day necessities such as lighting and heat. Riders however pay less than 40% of that cost, and those who show financial difficulty can apply for one of our various scholarships. It is our dream for our riders not to pay out of pocket for their lessons. Please consider giving a one-time gift of support or a monthly donation to help us continue to empower the most vulnerable members of our community!


Help Our Mission Grow by Becoming a Part Our Team

New Kingdom Trailriders invites you to join our journey as we work each day to empower individuals of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential through equine assisted activities. Our team of horses, instructors, and volunteers have created an environment of acceptance and encouragement that allowing each participant to naturally integrate their physical and emotional well-being as they develop on their path to self-wellness.

We encourage you to share our journey as a rider, volunteer, and/or donor as we continue to grow our mission. Follow along with our Facebook page as we celebrate our participants while giving you a peek into our world.


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A photo of a boy riding a horse with his left hand touching his helmet.

Bethany for Children & Families, Moline, IL

We can not thank you enough for supporting the children that we serve. New Kingdom Trailriders' one of a kind services are truly appreciated!

An adult woman riding a horse with two instructors on both sides.

Program Rider, East Moline, IL

I have challenges, but when I get home from a lesson they seem gone, sometimes for weeks. Thank you for letting me afford such a rewarding opportunity.

A woman in a wheelchair pushing her forehead into a horse's forehead.

Survivor, Argrow's House

I was able to exert power and control over a beast, and it worked! It was very empowering and therapeutic. I appreciate all this organization does!

A teenage rider riding a horse outside with an adult male guiding the horse.

Program Rider, Orion, IL

This organization’s energy, dedication, and spirit shines through to their riders. They embody strength and exude an attitude to all who cross their path!

A woman in an assistant living facility pressing her right hand to a window where a horse greets her

Donor, Ashbury, IA

You brought joy to my mother and the other care facility residents during the pandemic. I am so grateful for your organization’s great work! You are a blessing!


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