• 6 week session = $150
  • Motion Therapy = $25 per lesson
  • Private lessons = $40 each
  • Semi Private lessons (2 riders) = $30 each.

**Class assignments are first come, first served . Due to waiting list we will only guarantee 1 session per rider all other session will be first come first serve** New riders need to call the office prior to registering to determine if all registration criteria are met. Fees are due before the first class meeting at the beginning of each session. Exceptions are for scholarships applied for, promised, but not received because of award dates. Riders who are delinquent in paying their fees and have not made arrangements for a payment schedule, are ineligible to enroll until their account is clear. Class Composites:

  • Monday: Adult and Military Veterans
  • Tuesday: Independent Riders
  • Wednesday: Intermediate Riders
  • Thursday: Beginner Riders

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