Our Horses

The Horse -NKT’s SuperStar

The Horse is the most important player of our therapy team. They are the one who is warm, fuzzy, nonjudgmental and the magnet for riders and volunteers alike. Horses and riders are matched so that their temperaments, movement and conformation complement each other. It is extremely important to include healthy animals who have no serious vices. The load our horses carry can be unbalanced which is a stressful thing to do.

We are always looking for new members for our herd. Qualities of a good therapy horse are:

  • Loves being with people
  • Temperament for learning and pleasing
  • Not easily excited and somewhat mellow
  • Able to have up to 3 people around them along with a rider
  • NO lameness, confirmation or trailer issues
  • Between 8 and 20 years old
  • Trained for English or Western riding

Our equine athletes must be kept in shape for their job. We care for them with daily nutritional supplements along with their diet. Annual veterinary care includes inoculations and Coggins testing as well as chiropractic care, dental care and monthly hoof care by a farrier.

Our herd is currently up to 15 horses of various breeds, sizes and training levels. Some horses are on loan and others are donated. So if you think you might have a candidate for our riding program, contact us at the menu option above. NKT requires a 30 day trial period in order to determine whether the horse will work with our herd, volunteers and our riders.

Currently Housed at NKT are: Reilley, Scooby, Bubba, Hot Rod, Rainbow, Jazzy, Cowboy, Tessa Sue, Toby, Katie, Angel, Midnight, K.C., Hilliary, and Fancy.


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