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NKT is a progressive riding program where riders advance from one riding level to another as goals are achieved. The classes are set up to address general goals that will benefit the majority of students. Each student also has personal goals to achieve.

The 45 minute classes are usually kept to a maximum of 4 to 6 students who are matched as to age and / or ability. The class may be a mixture of students with various disabilities. They are all people who need you and the help you will be giving them.

All classes are designed for both safety and enjoyment. Basic instruction can include on-the-ground training in grooming and tacking, pre-ride exercises, mounted exercises, horsemanship and riding skills lessons and games. Initially, each student is assigned two side-walkers and a leader.

NOTE: Any NEW rider must contact the office before filling out forms online to determine eligibility as we have limits to who we can take based on lack of staff to deal with severe mental illness, weight limits, and such.

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